If you are an individual looking for a notary public, please read this first:

This is a MOBILE notary service.  There is no office or physical location.  This service is for those that need a notary public to travel to their location.  If you are looking to take your documents to a notary, try your bank or local UPS store

Notary service is BY APPOINTMENT.  Service must generally be scheduled AHEAD OF TIME, especially weekend requests. 

Signers MUST have a valid, unexpired, state or federal picture ID (ex: driver's license, state ID, passport, military ID, government employee ID).  No exceptions.

Fee is based on the number of documents, the distance to travel, and when the service is needed.  If you're leaving a message for notary services please provide this information.  Messages without this information or vague messages asking for pricing without providing pertinent information will likely not be answered

Mobile notary service for individuals is generally within a 15 to 20 minute radius of Plymouth, Michigan.  Service outside of this radius is only provided if other appointments are already scheduled in that area. 

If any documents require a witness, it is up to you to provide them.  If two witnesses are required, a notary can generally be one of the witnesses.  Note that many hospitals and care facilities will not allow their employees to be witnesses. 

There is a difference between notarizing a signature and certifying a document as a true copy of an original.  Michigan notaries notarize signatures.  They CANNOT certify documents as true copies. Document certification must be done from the agency that created the document (ex: driver's license from the Secretary of State, passport from the Department of State). 

ph: 248-767-7900