UPS Box vs. UPS Store

A few title companies that use UPS are strongly urging signing agents to return documents by taking them to the UPS Store instead of using drop boxes.  At least one title company considers it a signing agent error to use a box and will give you a naughty demerit on your service record with them if UPS delays or loses a package and you used a drop box instead of a store.  The argument for this is that packages are more likely lost using a drop box then using the store.

In my almost 15 years as a mortgage signing agent, I've only had one package misplaced by UPS when using a box.  It apparently slipped behind a seat and wasn't found for two days.  In every other instance (and there have been too many to count), it was the UPS Store that lost or misplaced a package, usually because the desk clerk was busy and ended up setting aside the package and forgetting about it.  So personally I don't agree with their assessment and I have certainly had a different experience.  

However, my biggest beef is the additional time it takes to go to a store.  My UPS Store is 15 minutes away, that's a 30 minute round trip.  I'm then told not to just drop off the package.  I must hand it to the clerk and get a receipt.  Have you EVER walked into a UPS store and NOT had a line of at least a few people?  I haven't.  So another 10 to 20 minutes minimum waiting in line?  And any additional pay for the extra time I'm spending driving past 5 or 6 UPS drop boxes and waiting in line?  Of course not.  So with all due respect, I decline.